Vertical lift dam gate


These are gates that moves within a vertical groove incised between two piers. The vertical lift gates used for controlling flow over the crest of a hydraulic structure are usually equipped with wheels. This type of gate is commonly used for barrages but is nowadays rarely used for dam spillways. Instead, the radial gates (discussed next) are used for dams. This is mostly due to the fact that in barrage spillways, the downstream tailwater is usually quite high during floods that may submerge the trunnion of a radial gate.


The fixed-wheel vertical lift gates comprise of, in general, a structural steel frame consisting of end vertical girders with properly spaced horizontal girders between them. The spacing depends on the design water pressure and on dimensions of the gate. The frame is held a piece by secure welding or riveting. Skin plate protects the structural framework from damage due to ice and heavy debris, minimizes downpull, reduces corrosion and facilitates maintenance. However, in some cases as in the case of fixed wheel gates moving on track provided on the face of the dam, skin plate is provided on the downstream side. In exceptional cases, skin plate is provided on both downstream side and upstream sides, if the down stream water is above sill. In such cases the gates maybe fully or partially buoyant. In case of fully buoyant gates, buoyancy shall be taken into account in determining the net balance of vertical forces and addition of ballast may be necessary to ensure lowering without difficulty. This problem is absent in the case of flooded gates but greater care against corrosion becomes necessary. The wheels are mounted on the end girders. The bottom of gate should be so shaped that satisfactory performance and freedom from harmful vibrations are attained under all conditions of operation apart from minimizing downpull.

Specification of Vertical lift gate-

Vertical lift gate are manufactured and erected by us with all IS Material according to Design and Drawings at Site or Workshop at the time of Fabrication and Tests shall be Carried out by our Quality Control Lab and Relevant Equipments.